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What is HAE?

Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a rare and potentially fatal genetic disorder characterized by painful and unpredictable swelling.


To learn more about upcoming new treatments, medical breakthroughs, new content and different events such as educational days, conferences and accredited training (for health professionals). Consult us regularly.

Never Alone Again

HAE crisis triggers, how to avoid triggering a crisis and how to prepare for a it.

HAE Community

You will find the different links for an access to our 2 Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel, Twitter and our LinkedIn page. These places are spaces of dialogue between members of the association, a place of exchange, sharing, testimony, support and information.

Health Professionals

You will find presentations from various specialists as well as studies and examples of clinical cases. Direct access with our specialists / scientific committee and much more.

Become a Member

Join our association by becoming a member, many benefits are offered. Together, we are stronger and Never Alone Again!

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